Category Three: Tactile – Reinvent the Sunday paper


Sunday papers have traditionally provided a hefty amount of writing and journalism for those who want to sit down and absorb the week in news. Colour supplements, a news review, interviews, high quality photography and more are put into a distinct package at the end of the week and normally make those who buy them groan under the weight of carrying them home from the newsagent.

But now the idea of buying Sunday paper may feel quaint. Circulation is down year on year across all Sunday titles, and news consumption on the web seems to have moved to a model where the homepage is becoming irrelevant.

In this kind of climate, how does the Sunday paper stay relevant? Is there room for more edition-based apps that seek to emulate the traditional Sunday morning reading experience or does everything need to change?

If you’re thinking of taking on this category at Build The News (we’re now operating a waiting list for potential attendees), you need to think about:

  • Whether traditional sections are relevant any more, and why.
  • How you handle sharing different sections of the paper.
  • Whether you provide any digital extras to those reading the hard copy of the paper
  • How to deliver such a large amount of content to readers on all platforms.


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