Build the News: Day one update


As we draw to a close on our first day of Build The News everyone’s projects are starting to take shape.

A few good project names are appearing

  • Be there
  • Digest
  • Pension time bomb myth or reality
  • Low pass
  • Slide
  • Sunday Times
  • Syria: The road from Damascus to hell
  • Source
  • HS2 campaign

and you can learn more about what they mean on our Hack Dash

Earlier in the day the teams heard from Alan Hunter (Head of Digital, TNL) Nicola Ryan, Head of Digital Design for The Times, Matt Taylor & Joseph Stashko from TNL and Ben Fogarty, CEO of Shorthand. They then had two hours to work on ideas, decide which category they wanted to tackle and get a 3 minute pitch together for an after lunch ‘sense check’.

This afternoon everyone has had a massive 4.5 hour building/designing/researching/coding session before we head off to the pub for some down time and chance for teams to meet each other properly.

See you all tomorrow for day two, another massive building session and then final presentations and judging.

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