Announcing Build The News 2

Last February’s Build The News was a great success. We really enjoyed the two days and it resulted in us meeting many fantastic digital journalists and developers.

It was so successful, in fact, that one of the attendees now works for us and the winning team ‘Ferret’ (originally named Low Pass) have spent two paid weeks working on their idea in the office with our team.

With that in mind, we’re really excited to announce Build The News 2, taking place this October.

This time the theme of the weekend is all around Mobile.

It’ll be on the weekend of 18th/19th October, at Hub Westminster (agenda here). We’re looking for teams of 3 to 5 from universities around the UK. Each team should contain at least one web developer who is proficient in using HTML, CSS and Javascript, or server-side frameworks such as Python, PHP, Java etc.

The aim is to see how student journalists and developers can work together to create innovative forms of storytelling, with a choice of topic and prizes awarded for the best in each category. You can order your tickets here.

Teams will benefit from the expertise of Times, Sunday Times and Sun staff, as well as companies (to be announced) with interesting APIs and tool kits to give feedback and assistance with your projects.


No matter what category you choose to tackle this time around we want you to consider it from a mobile point of view. It is an area a lot of news organisations have been slow to tackle and the mobile experience of their readership is often a second thought.


We’ll be blogging about these categories over the next 2 weeks – giving examples to inspire you and letting you know what tools and support there will be during the weekend


– many news organisations often just dump a comment box at the end of every article – what if you had a way to place more considered calls to action at the end of an article?


– media organisations love a cause – can you build a toolkit or platform that helps news organisations harness the power of their readership quickly and easily?

Live sports coverage

– we think it’s a little bit odd that live coverage of such an emotional experience as sport is covered mainly in text… can you re-invent the way we deliver sporting coverage to readers on the go?

If you’ve any questions about the weekend, let us know. Otherwise you can sign up for your tickets here.

Take a look at photos of the last Build The News here, or check out the video below:


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